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Basement Conversions

A basement conversion is a wise investment and a great way to utilize the space around your house.

You can choose from different styles and designs, including traditional, modern, eclectic, and contemporary. Whether you like the transitional, midcentury, Mediterranean, farmhouse, rustic, or beach style, we will transform your basement into a spacious study, bedroom, or master suite. We can turn your basement into a living room with a movie viewing area, pool table, bar, game room, modern design features, and a lot more. basement-conversions-2Customers can add an exercise room, family room or guest room. We will take care of all details, from design and planning to site management, remodeling, and details such as lighting, flooring, fittings and fixtures, and furniture. Lighting is an important aspect of your house and interior design. It reflects your sense of style and personality and creates a mood. Customers can choose from different types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, tiled, and many others. We can design and create bespoke furniture for your basement using high quality wood and materials.

A basement conversion is a smart and affordable way to increase your living area. Whether you want to create a gym, home office, or an extra bedroom, converting your basement will increase your home’s value. There are other benefits for homeowners, and one is that you will expand your living space without changing the appearance of your home or compromising your courtyard or garden. basement-conversions-3We will make use of the available space while conforming to all building and planning requirements. Another benefit for homeowners is improved thermal insulation. Homes with basements are usually warmer because they are more thermally efficient. This means that you will enjoy stable temperatures regardless of weather conditions. You will benefit even more if your basement is waterproofed and insulated externally.

Basement remodels and conversions are great for correcting moisture and ventilation problems. Good ventilation improves air quality and the health of your house. Remodeling is a good opportunity to deal with moisture problems around sinks and tubs and to replace the windows with energy efficient ones. And should you desire eco-friendly furniture and materials, under floor heating, or a tiled wet room we’ll take care of it all. We will discuss your budget and requirements during the initial consultation. You can either visit us in our office or we will come to your place. We will give you a time and budget estimate.