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Basement Excavation

Digging out a basement is a great way to add living space. Some people also do it to make improvements. We have extensive experience in basement excavation and construction, from planning and design to building ground beams, foundation walls, and columns.

Digging under your property can be tricky for a number of reasons. The structure of your house needs to be properly supported to protect its integrity. An inexperienced contractor could make your home unsafe. Your basement excavation company should be able to deal with debris, mildew, mold, and other hazards. It is important that all health and safety procedures are followed. The contractor should take into account the width, depth, and other dimensions on the blueprint or drawings. Debris and other excavated materials should be properly stored to keep them away. The walls of the house should be well protected to prevent them from falling. This is done by using hoardings. The excavation site should be free from moisture and water. We will use a pump to drain out water and reduce humidity levels.

basement excavationSome homeowners use the basement to store things, but many people want to transform it into a functional space, whether a dining room, play room, or extra room. We will increase your living space while causing minimum disruption. You will live above undisturbed while excavation works are in process. All works, including plastering, light wells, waterproof membranes, basement underpinning, and excavation are done with care. Building a basement also requires planning permits, and there are building regulations to follow. Planning permission is required for the light wells and escapes to be installed. The reason is that they will change the appearance of your house. The good news is that planning permission is not difficult to obtain because it will change the exterior of your home beneath pavement level.

Our team specializes in basement design and construction for existing properties and new build sites. We can create a cinema, home gym, wine cellar, or additional storage for your house. There is a range of design and renovation ideas for clients to choose from. We work with cellar construction and under pinning specialists and engineers to complete your project. They are experienced in open land, new build, and retrofit excavations and all work will be done in a timely manner and to the highest standard. Whether commercial basement remodeling or a residential project, you can rely on us.