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Building companies carry out demolitions to get started on a building or rebuilding project. Small and large-scale demolition services work on commercial and residential projects. Comfort Basement Ltd offers demolition services and has reputation for excellence. We have expert knowledge and experience in different aspects of demolition, including site clearance, structural assessment, and budget costings. Whether you need demolition including façade retention or demolition for high rise buildings, our team has extensive experience. We use up to date technologies and new equipment to provide eco-friendly and safe service. Junk control for minimal impact on the environment is our priority. Investment in grabs, grapples, magnets, hammers, mechanical shears, and excavators ensures that we offer high quality services.

demolitionComfort Basement Ltd offers decontamination, demolition, and asset recovery services. Employing innovative solutions to demolition projects allows us to meet your requirements and bring down installations, structures, and buildings. We will complete your project in an efficient, safe, and timely manner. Our engineers have experience with different demolition techniques, including controlled collapse, use of explosives, and others. They work on residential buildings where the retention of a structural component is required. We have performed major demolition projects in different areas and offer turnkey solutions. With long experience in ground works, construction, basement conversion, and waste disposal, we provide a wide range of dismantling and demolition services. Comfort Basement Ltd is a site clearance contractor that offers cost-effective solutions.

Utilizing environmentally responsible techniques, we undertake long/high reach excavator, floor by floor, and conventional demolitions. Our team is ready to work in challenging environments, regardless of the complexity or scale of the project. Each project is unique and we employ different technologies when it comes to planning, management, and project completion. With skilled engineers and builders and strict working methods and controls, we are able to demolish any building in an efficient and safe manner. This allows us to preserve the recyclable materials. Waste minimization and management are a priority for us. We have worked in a range of locations and facilities, including regeneration projects, residential projects, production facilities, and many others. We undertake high-risk projects and have an impeccable safety record due to strict management and monitoring. Our demolition services include stripping out, dismantling, full site clearance, screening and crushing, and enabling works, as well as full demolition. We’ve got the tools to meet your requirements. Our engineers also offer safety advice to de-risk your project.