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1. How long does it take to reconstruct my basement?

We will let you know when we visit you and take measurements. It depends on the size of your basement.

2. Should we move somewhere else until the project is completed?

No! We will cause minimum disruption. Your comfort is a top priority for us. We will keep noise to a minimum.

3.Is my family safe while work is in progress?

 Of course! The safety of your children and family are very important for us.

4.How much would it cost to reconstruct my basement?

It depends on the size, design, and other features.

5.Do I need to inform my neighbours of my plans for basement construction?

Yes, you will need to sign a party wall agreement to protect both you and your neighbours. We can assist you with this.

6.What height would be best for my basement?

The minimum height is 2,4 m. but if you would like to, we can make it higher.

7.How about moisture problems in my basement?

We will isolate your whole basement using a special delta membrane and we offer a warranty for this.

8. Is my home insured during the construction period?

Yes! Your home will be insured during the whole period.

9.Why should I choose COMFORT BASEMENT?

We offer high quality services and affordable prices for extra work, depending on your requirements. We won’t charge for small adjustments. Your comfort and safety are a top priority.

We will be happy to work for you!