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Basement conversion or excavation is a way to add extra space to your property, allowing you to earn rental income, if you wish to.

Basement London

This is the ideal solution for cramped homeowners in London who utilize every foot of space. We can help you to convert your dark basement or dusty cellar into a spacious living area for your family. It will dramatically enhance your comfort, lifestyle, and space utilization.

Basement Conversions

Conversion has become popular because the basement is close to the dining and living room and other communal areas. You can convert your loft into a study or extra bedroom. The basement is more spacious and can be transformed into a play or game room, living room, storage, or anything else. If you have teenagers, you can convert your basement into a recording studio or home cinema to spend time with their friends. Or you can transform it into a giant playroom if you have small children. And if it is a commercial property for rent, it can earn you a lot of money as a bar, car park, retail space, or storage.

Basement Excavation

Digging out a basement is a way to increase your living space. This is a good alternative for different types of houses, including units with timber-suspended flooring such as Victorian houses. In some cases, underpinning may be required, especially for buildings with shallow foundations. A professional company will advise you on the cost of your excavation project, the time schedule, and feasibility.

Steel Construction

Comfort Basement Ltd specializes in steel construction for residential and commercial units. Steel is durable, sustainable, and affordable, with speed of construction reducing inconvenience, disturbance, and disruption around the site. It is quiet and clean to erect which makes it a preferred choice. Moreover, it is a safe building material, with components being produced in a controlled and safe setting.


We also offer demolition services for large and small sites, including tearing down of structures and residential units. Whether you need garage or house demolition services, we’ve got you covered. We offer the complete range of solutions, from high-risk carnage and high rise and multi-level demolition to partial, total, and internal demolition.