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Steel Construction

Comfort Basement Ltd specialize in steel construction and light steel solutions to meet the requirements of clients and the demands of the housing market.

Steel frames, horizontal beams, and columns are used to support the walls, roof, and floors of residential and commercial buildings. Other materials, including sheet metal, architectural glass, reinforced concrete, stone, and bricks are used to protect the steel construction from extreme weather conditions. Steel studs are used in residential and commercial construction and are made from galvanized steel. We use zinc-coated sheets that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation and come with flexible designs. They are durable and offer better protection than wood and other materials. Galvanized sheets of steel resist earthquake loads, strong winds, and natural disasters.

steel constructionComfort Basement Ltd has extensive experience with light and structured steel and the construction of foundations, floors, walls, and roofs. We work with a wide array of structured steel products such as plates, hollow sections, advance sections, and others. Our team offers fully engineered flooring solutions, modular systems, and steel decking. Whatever your priority is – be it thermal efficiency, quality, affordability, or speed, we’ve got you covered. We are experienced in fast track construction and different roofing accessories, structures, and systems.

Our engineers specialize in steel construction and light steel solutions to meet the requirements of clients and the demands of the housing market. Our goal is to offer optimal structural solutions and achieve dimensional stability. Whatever your project, land, slope, and size, we have the know-how, product range, and expertise to handle all foundation engineering problems. Steel construction and framing offers plenty of benefits for homeowners. While it is less energy-efficient steel-constructionthan other materials such as wood, it is non-combustible, durable, and requires less maintenance. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly in that steel can be used over and over. Steel construction is an efficient and fast method and is less expensive than other methods. Steel structural components are resistant to pest infestations, termites, and other insects. It is stable and durable and is sustainable to temperature fluctuations. Buildings that incorporate steel elements come with a dimensionally stable structure, high quality, and aesthetic design. There are many benefits of structured and light steel over reinforced concrete, the main ones being flexibility, sustainability, and lower costs. Cost predictability and better site utilization are additional benefits. Speed of erection translates into earlier possession of the property for rent or use.

Our team uses standardized and innovative solutions for walls, connections, and floor systems and prefabricated and new rolled section shapes. We also utilize cost-effective ways for curving and shaping.